In Ayurveda there are different opinion about mind.Ayurveda defines mental health as a state of mental, intellectual and spiritual well-being.A complete and foolproof definition and interpretation of the mind is impossible to provide.The concept of health in ayurveda encompasses not only the physical and mental aspects but also the spiritual aspect.The mind is functionally divided into ahankara(ego),ichha (desire) and buddhi(Intellect) along with Sattva, Rajas,Tamas gunas of mind


1 "Mananad manaha " :-The organ which is used to think is known as mind that means its in BRAIN.

2 "Satvam manaha" :- Satwa means pure form of mind having values and those things in human mind varies

3 "Sugadiubalabdi karanam indhriyam manaha" :-Those thing which gives us pleasure is called mind.

4 "Hridayastam edi stanam manaha smritham" :-Mind is said to be in HEART because its the place of SATWA GUNA its specified in above sloga.

5 "Siratallo andargadam manaha" Mind is between SKULL & MANDIBLE it means it’s in BRAIN.

6 "Manaha paramanurupa" Mind is as small as atom(Padartha vijnanam book).

7"Dravya roopam manaha" Mind is a matter(Mahabaratha).

8"Thrigunatmakam Manaha" Mind consists of three gunas sathwa,raja and tamas,mind is made up of this guna according to Athervaveda and Bhagavad gita.

9"Njana karanam athma" Athma is the source of knowledge it is said to be in heart in Ayurveda.

10"Mokshadayakam athma" Athma is responsible to attain moksha because its the carrier of karma phala.

11"Hridayam chedanastanam uktham sushrutham dehinam"Acharya Susrutha says human mind is in heart.

12"Hridayam nirabhidyede hridayate manaha"Another quoting saying mind is in heart.

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