Ayurvedic Treatment possibilities to improve Autistic children Autism is a neuro biological pervasive

Ayurvedic Treatment possibilities to improve Autistic children

Autism is a neuro biological pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) characterized by

1. Severe deficiency in social skills, behavior and reciprocal social interactions.
2. Difficulty in language, arrangement of words and non verbal communication and
3. Intellectual and cognital deficits. (can not identify or remember the names and nature of things around him).

The set of symptom varies with age at onset, severity and intellectual level. Onset is usually in 1 to 2 years with failure to progress with age.

Abnormalities in social behavior, social skills, and poor social communications are obvious. Poor verbal and non verbal language, lack of analytic abilities (to judge what is write or what is wrong etc), poor reasoning, and non social behavior are seen. The skills fail to appear at the usual time in development Half the children fail to develop language of any kind. The rest develop sentence language or eye contact. Hyperacidity, apraxia, insensitivity to pain is common.

Mental retardation is present in alost 75 % of autistic children. In the natural course, no significant developmental progress occurs in half, while a minimal improvement may be observed in the rest, Seizures occur in about 25 percent.

Investigations are usually not required for diagnosing Autism.

Childhood autism rating scales is used to evaluate suspected children.

Treatment: Allopathy offers no treatment for Autism.

Ayurvedic Treatment possibilities:

Manomitram tablet – Ingredients – Brahmi (Bacopa Monneiri), Shatavari (Asperagus racemosus), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) and Shankhapushi (Clitoria ternatia).

Research related to each ingredients of Manomitram tablets:

Brahmi -1. In a study conducted in Australia, Brahmi, (Bacopa Monneiri) has been established to delay the forgetting process, inplying Brahmi imporves memory. (Click on Brahmi to read the details of the study)

2. A pubemd study article emphasizes the effict of Brahmi in the management of Cognitive dificits, lack of memory power, Attention deficit Hyperactive disorder etc..Click on Brahmi to read more.

Shatavari:1. Benaras Hindu University has successfully conducted the astudy on anti depressant activity of Asperagus racemosus in an animal experimental study.

Ashwagandha (Withania Somneifera): Research conducted by Scott (1995) showed Ashwagandha show high affinity for GABA receptors. Since GABA agonism and CCK antagonism have been linked to anxiolysis, these findings support the recommendation in Ayurveda that Ashwagandhacan be used in the treatment of Memory loss, Anxiety, Attention deficit etc.. which are common features of Autism.

Shankhapushpi (clitoria ternatia) – Research conducted in collaboration with kasturba medical college, amnipal, India showed that – Treatment with 100 mg/kg of Clitoria ternatea aqueous root extract (CTR), for 30 days in neonatal and young adult age groups of rat, significantly increased acetylcholine (Ach) content in their hippocampi as compared to age matched controls. Increase in Ach content in their hippocampus may be the neurochemical basis for their improved learning and memory.

Manomitram tablets contains a combination of natural herbal ingredients, whose efficacy is proven in

– Improving memory,

– Reducing anxiety and depression

– Improving social behaviour and learning skills.

Thereby helps in the improvement of the Autistic Child.

Dosage: In children below three years – Manomitram tablet one in morning. tablet can be powdered and mixed with a little amount of ghee OR honey and can given. Then the child can be asked to drink a glass of water or milk. Ghee intake is especially reccommended as Ghee is told as Medhya (improves intelligence) in Classical Ayurvedic text books.

How long to continue: Up to six months.

Note – Manomitram is an effective tool in the treatment of Autistic children. Manomitram can also be effectively used in many other conditions like Depression, sleeplessness, Lack of memory, lack of concentration etc.. in botht children and adults.

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