Types Of Sleep according to Ayurveda

Types Of Sleep according to Ayurveda

According to references in Ayurveda- Sleep or Nidra is of 10 types or is produced due to the below mentioned 10 factors….

“Kaalaswabhaavaa Aamaya Chitta Deha Khedaih Kapha Aagantuja Tamobhava Cha. Nidraa Bibharthi Pradhamaa Shareeram Paapaatmika Vyaadi Nimitta Mantyaa”

Kaala Swabhaavaja Nidra: Normal daily routine sleep. This as a natural phenomenon occurs as a part of our daily life, generally at the end of the day i.e during the night..which is the natural time to sleep..in natural conditions and normal health. This form of sleep is good for health. It keeps us physically and mentally fit for the daily schedules.

Chitta Kheda Prabhava Nidra: Sleep occuring due to the disturbances of the mind or due to mental exhaustion.

Roga Kheda Prabhava Nidra: Abnormal type of sleep either in excess or in a disturbed form occuring as an effect of long standing illness or due to the effect of a disease process. This needs a medical intervention and gets right when the pathology behind it is attended to.

Shareera Kheda Prabhava Nidra: Sleep occuring due to physical exertion.

Kapha Prabhava Nidra: Sleep occuring due to the predominance of Kapha- one of the 3 essential humoral factors governing the body functions. Generally those who are of the Kapha predominant constitution tend to sleep more than the other Vata and Pitta constitutions. Excessive sleep is also seen in the diseases of Kapha predominance…which is pathological. When the causative disease is dealt with, sleep pattern will get synchronised.

Aagantuja Nidra: Sleep caused due to a trauma or injury involving head.

Tamo Bhava Nidra: Sleep occuring due to the predominance of the Taamasika guna in the mind…which generally tends to calm the mind and also cause sleep.

Paapaatmika: Sleep occuring as an effect of our sins.

Vyaadhi Nimitta Nidra: Sleep which occurs in the form of a disease.

Antya Nidra: Sleep occuring at the end part of our life i.e death..which is a permanent form of sleep ending our life process.

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