Ayurveda for Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS)

Ayurveda for Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS)

Computer is the most beautiful gift ever to the mankind from the modern day science. Most of us are exposed to the computers and work on it throughout the day..some of us do it overnight also. Even today’s children are no exception. Most of our day to day work depends on the use of computers. But at the end of the day our eyes get tired and sick. They dont recover even after adequate rest since we cannot avoid the cause…i.e the computers. This problem has become very common today. This condition is called CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome.People who spend more than two hours on a computer each day will experience symptoms of CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome.

Symptoms of CVS

Eye Strain: Feeling of irritation and tiredeness of the eyes.
Dry eyes.
Burning sensation in the eyes.
Headache or heavyness of the head.
General tiredeness and not awakening fresh in the morning.
Drowsiness during work.
Focusing difficulties
Aching eyes
Double vision & Blurring vision
Light sensitivity
Neck and Shoulder pain

Ayurveda and CVS:

If you are a professional or a student using computers for more than couple of hours a day and are experiencing one or more of the above said complaints, you are or might be a victim of CVS. You need to take caution and care for your eyes before your eyes give way. Dont worry.. Ayurveda can help you regain your eye strength and glow. Ayurveda helps rejuvenate your eyes and also make them capable of bearing the day to day stress.

Ayurvedic treatments for CVS

Netra Tarpana.
Netra Dhara.
Netra Sanjeevini.
Nasya/Shiro virechana.
Shiro dhara/Shiro Abhyangam and/or Shiro pichu.
Netrya taladharana.
Pada Abhyanga.
Netrya gandhoosha.

“Sarvendriyanam Nayanam Pradhanam” (Su Sam)

Eyes are gods greatest gift and are said to be the best among all sense organs as per Ayurveda. All our life activities are possible only when our vision is proper

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