Koluppu katti for multiple lipoma its Ayurvedic treatment possibilities Recently I have received

Koluppu katti for multiple lipoma its Ayurvedic treatment possibilities

Recently I have received many inquiries regarding treatment for multiple lipoma, called as Koluppu Katti in Tamil. So, this article intends to explore what Ayurveda offers for the treatment of this disease and what are its limitations.

Lipoma is a fat mass collection in soft body tissues, such as underneath the skin. They are non cancerous in nature. Usually harmless, in few cases, it may cause pain due to pressure over the structure below the lipoma. There are no known medicines to cure it as of now. Surgery is opted for cosmetic purposes, or if the pain and discomfort is severe.

Here are the following Ayurvedic treatment options for this condition. But please note that these are just the treatment options, without any documented success. These treatments can be tried. But success can not be guaranteed.

Ayurvedic treatment options:

– Since the bulging or the mass is formed due to Fat deposition, there is significant Kapha derangement in the body. Hence patient needs to undergo Vamana – emetic therapy, one among the five important treatment group, called Panchakarma.

Since there is faulty fat metabolism, correction of metabolism with Ayurvedic treatment is required. Vamana therapy helps in this regard.

Ayurvedic procedure called as Udwartana is beneficial to control the further fat deposition.

Ayurvedic text books explain copper as one of the pridominant metal used to treat extra growths. So, take water in a copper vessel, keep it over night and drink it the next morning. Precaution: if you feel vomitting sensation, then do not keep it overnight, but keep it for 2 hours and consume.

Ayurvedic medicine – kanchanara guggulu might have some beneficial effect.

Apart from these, on consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor, some of the safe and effective herbo mineral preparations can be tried.

Disclaimer: I personally have not treated any case of lipoma. This article just tries to impart knowledge of what Ayurveda can do to treat the lipoma.

All the above articles / blog posts are not the original contribution from author, please consider a opinion of qualified doctor, if you considering this. If you need a advice please contact Dr. Anil Joy email: [email protected]

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