Oral Health-Gandusha-Kavala Vidhi

Both of these are types of gargling of medicated decoctions. The only difference is in the drug dose. Gandusha Mouth is filled with medicated decoctions at its maximum capacity. There is no space for rinsing of mouth. The medicated decoction is only held in mouth for some time and then spitted out. Kavala In this type, the quantity of decoction is small. There is actual gargling of medicated decoction. Indications Diseases of ear, mouth, throat, eyes etc. Increased saliva secretion Nausea Tastelessness Facial paralysis Neck rigidity Drowsiness Head ache Disorders of head Stomatitis Lethargy Gandusha and kavala are also indicated in day to day life to achieve benefits Benefits of Gandusha and Kavala Improved voice quality and complexion Increases muscle power of cheeks Increases taste sensation Prevents diseases of mouth, lips and dental diseases (Complete oral health) Lightness of body Freshness in body and mind Types according to action of Gandusha Snehan gandusha Shaman gandusha Shodhan gandusha Snehan gandusha Oils are used along with medicines of sweet, sour and salty tastes i.e. rasas. Useful for diseases dominated by vata dosha. Shaman gandusha Useful for diseases dominated by pitta dosha. Medicines used for gandusha have following rasas – bitter, astringent and sweet Shodhan gandusha Used for diseases dominated by kapha dosha. Medicines used for gandusha have following qualities Tikshna (sharpness) Ushna (hotness) Ruksha (dryness) Sour and salty taste Ropana gandusha Used for wound healing. Medicines used for gandusha have following qualities Ushna (hotness), astringent, sweet Procedure of Gandusha Pretreatment Snehan – oleation of forehead, face, throat with sesame taila / oil Swedan – fomentation of face, throat Main Procedure Hold the warm medicinal decoction or water with oil in the mouth and rinse it. Spit it when there is appearance of secretions coming from nose, watering of eyes. Process should be repeated up to symptoms of proper gandush appears. Symptoms of proper Gandusha Relief from diseased symptoms Mental relaxation Enhanced action of sense organs Decrease in kapha (accumulated in mouth) Symptoms of incomplete action of Gandusha Accumulation of kapha in mouth Tastelessness No relief from disease symptoms Symptoms of excess action of Gandusha Tiredness Mouth ulcers Increased thirst MEDICINES FOR GANDUSHA 1ARIMEDADI THAILAM 2TRIPHALA KASHAYAM

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