Adhyatma Guna in Ayurveda Darsana

Adhyatma Guna in Ayurveda Darsana

Adhyatma gunas are named so because they can be felt only by the body that has atma in it i.e. in a living body. These are known as the gunas of atma which are of following types:
1.Buddhi (intellect)
All the conducts of the living beings are by the means of buddhi (intellect). It is a daily needed guna required for various conducts, reactions and behavior. This guna is of two types:

* Smruti
* Anubhava

This type of buddhi develops from sanskar (activity to improve something).

The part of buddhi (intellect) other than smruti is known as anubhava (expereince). This type of buddhi that all-living beings acquire by there experiences wrong and right. It is of two types:

* Yathartha (real or truth)
* Ayathartha (false)

It refers to the actual and not the virtual things, feelings or sense that give right knowledge and information. For example to recognize gold as gold, wood as wood.

It refers to the wrong deed, things, feelings etc that give a wrong, false information. Example if someone considers aluminum as silver. The saying that every thing that glitters is not gold, holds true for ayathartha.

2) Iksha (desire)
it refers to the wish of the any living being to achieve, get, do something that doesn’t already exist with him. There are many types of desires (ishka) that living beings can have, namely:

* Kaam (lust)
* Abhilasha (desire)
* Raja (love)
* Sankalpa (vow)
* Karunya (mercy)
* Vyanga (Criticism)
* Updha
* Bhava

The list of desires is endless.

Shloka- Svartpratha

3) Dwesha (jealous)
It refers to anything that irritates mind and body. It can also be explained as the feeling of inferiority of anyone respective of anything that remained an unfulfilled desire. It is of following types:

* Krodha (anger)
* Droha (rebel)
* Manyu
* Akshama

Shloka- prajab

4.Prayatna (efforts)
The efforts or prayatna refers tot he strive of someone or the activity performed by someone to gain or achieve the desired or needed thing. It is of two types:

Jeevan purvak (livelihood)
These are the efforts done for surviving i.e. to fulfill the necessities of livelihood. for example: the food we eat, water to drink, shelter etc.

Iksha Dwesha purvak (desire- jealousy)
These are the efforts made to fulfill ones’ dreams and desires. When the desires are not fulfilled then jealousy arises

Sukha (happiness)
It refers to the pleasant happenings that are soothing for mind and body. According to dharma it is called sukha.

7.Dukkha (sorrow)
Sorrow refers to any happening, moment, feeling that is unpleasant, hurting to mind and body.

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