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Ayurvedic Products of Ashtangam Ayurvedics Pvt Ltd Name of Medicine & Qualities Usage

Ayurvedic Products of Ashtangam Ayurvedics Pvt Ltd

Name of Medicine & Qualities Usage
Very effective in piles, constipation, Indigestion, anaemia etc.. 15ml to 30ml twice
Used in all kinds of Chronic fevers, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rheumatism etc.. 15ml to 30ml twice
Diabetes, Piles, leucoderma, skin diseases, Anaemia, intestinal worms. It purifies blood, reduces fat. 25ml twice
Specific remedy for menstrual disorders, Menorrhagia, Leucorrhoea, irregular menstruration etc., A very good tonic for women. 15ml to 30ml twice
A very effective remedy for Epilepsy, Fainting, insomnia, loss of memory. A nervine tonic for all ages. 15ml to 30ml twice
Asthma, Cough, Chronic-Fever, Haematemesis. 25ml twice
7. Kutajarishtam (B.R)
Used in Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Fever, Dyspepsia etc., Stops gut bleeding very fast. 15ml to 30ml twice
Good for all kinds of Skin diseases, anaemia and worms. 15ml to 30ml twice
Very useful in chronic gonorrhoe, urinary tract infections and leucorrhoea. 15ml to 30ml twice
Highly effective in bronchial problems, Dyspesia, Diarrhoea, Indigestion etc., used in post natal care. 15ml to 30ml twice
Used in all kinds of skin problems, Stomatits and liver problem. Ablood purifier. 15ml to 30ml twice
Strong stimulant in exhaustion of all kinda. A very good tonic in general debility, seminal weakness, emaciation etc., Also used as post natal tonic. A heart stimulant used in respira tory illness. 15ml to 30ml twice
Useful in heart sideases 15ml to 30ml twice
Useful in renal and urinary problems, oedema, anaemia etc., 15ml to 30ml twice
Very useful in paralysis, Rhematic problems, General weakness, Heart problems etc., 15ml to 30ml twice
Diarrhoea, Indigestion, Duodenal disorders, Anorexia. A tonic for children. 15ml to 30ml twice
General debility, exhaustion, cough. It also corrects digestion. 15ml to 30ml twice
Useful in anaemia, jaundice, dropsy, diseases connected with liver, spleen etc., 15ml to 30ml twice
Specific for Bronchial problems, spitting of blood, throat infection etc., 15ml to 30ml twice
Effective remedy for all types of infective dermatitis. 15ml to 30ml twice

Name of Medicine & Qualities

Very effective in head ache. Chronic cold, eye and ear diseases. for external use
on head
Effective in giving comfort for Ear, Eyes, Head.
for normal application for bathing & combing
Headache, Heaviness of head, skin diseases. for normal application for bathing & combing
Stops hairfall, promotes hair growth and cools the head.
for normal application for bathing & combing
Used in Jaundice, Anemia. for normal application for bathing & combing
Allergic skin diseases, used in Vatha-Kapha ailments, improves complexion. External application only
Used against premature greying hair and helps growth of thick black hair. For normal application for bathing & combing.
Extranal use only
Relieves localised pain, cramps & numbness. External use only
Ear ache, tinnitus deafness External use only
as a ear drop.
useful in skin diseases External use only
Good for dandruff, Hair falling, promotes hair growth External use only
Useful in Paralysis, Rheumatism, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Filariasis, Numbness. Stiffness,
Swelling etc., Apply over the affected part and foment.
External use only
Paralysis, Rheumatism, Rheumatoid Arthritis,
Facial Palsy, Bloodpressure, Nervousness,
Sleeplessness etc., For head & body apply & take bath
14. KSHEERABALA (101) (A.H.)
As indicated in Ksheerabala thailam for all
diseases. 5 to 15 drops twice daily in empty stomach
internal use.
All types of Skin diseases, Scabies, itching
inflammation, paediatric skin disorders. For external use only
Relieves headache and eye ailments. Cools head and eyes. Apply and take bath External application only
Used in leucoderma and other dermal infections For external use only
Paralysis, Rheumatism, Rheumatoid-Arthritis,
Neuritis, Diseases connected with muscles, bones and joints, pre & post natal care. For external use only. (On body)
Same as above. More effective when used along with (101) times medicated oil for internal use. For head & Body
For External use only.
Useful in dandruff, Eczema & itching. For head & Body
external use.
Scabies, itching, Herpes. External use only.
Any type of poisonous or allergic afflications, skin infection, dandruff, scabies etc.,
External use only.
For growth of thick black hair External use only
Rheumatism, swelling, Muscular pain and
burning sensation. For external use apply
Useful in paraplegia, lumbago, sciatica,
Rheumatism etc., For external use apply
Facial Paralysis, Arthritis, tetanus, fainting, vatha diseases. 15 drops twice daily interal use
Gout, catarrh. Apply on head and body. External use only for head and body
Nervous disorders, gives nourishment & strength to body.
For external use only
Most effective oil to cool the head, for insomnia, reduces excess heat. headache etc.,
For head only. apply and take bath in cold water
Burning sensation, rheumatism, Nasal bleeding, headache, Jaundice.
For external use only
Catarrh, cough, asthma, Nasal polyp, sinusitis. External use only
Most effective oil for acute or chronic Rheumatism, Paralysis, Poliomyelitis, neuritis, Facial Palsy, Sciatica. For internal & external use
Very useful in Paralysis, Rheumatism, Wastage of Muscles, Poliomyelitis etc. For internal & external use
Very effective in Alopaecia. For external use only
Very useful in sinusitis, Catarrh, heaviness of head etc.,
Useful in Lumbago, Sciatica, Low Back ache, Disc Prolapse, paralysis & Rheumatism
For external use only
Very effective oil for pain management in migraines. Apply oil over head at 4 a.m. and take bath in cold water.
For external use only

Name of Medicine & Qualities

1. ASHTAVARGAM KASHAYAM (S.Y) Arthritis, Paralysis, other vatha disorders.
10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
water twice a day in empty stomach
2. ARAGWADHADI KASHAYAM (A.H) Treatment of patients affected with excessive phlem, skin ailments, obesity.
10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
water twice a day in empty stomach
3. INDUKANTHAM KASHAYAM (A.H) Vatha disorders. Cough, abdominal tumours, irregular fever, stomach ache. 10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
water twice a day in empty stomach
4. GULGULUTHIKTHAM KASHAYAM(A.H.) Very suitable for Rheumatism, swelling, lowback pain, fistula etc.,
10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
water twice a day in empty stomach
5. CHERIYA RASNADI KASHAYAM(S.Y) Very Suitable for Rheumatism, swelling, lowback pain, Sciatica etc.,
10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
water twice a day in empty stomach
6. THIKTHAM KASHAYAM (A.H.)Cures Scabies, Eczema, Ulcers, Heat boils, Purifies the blood. 10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
water twice a day in empty stomach
7. DASAMOOLAKATUTHRAYADI (A.H.) Sinusitis, Fever, Asthma, Body pain, Low back ache, Neck and sholder pain etc.,
10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
water twice a day in empty stomach
8. DHANWANTHARAM KASHAYAM (A.H.) All kinds of Vatha ailments, Special for post natal care. 10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
water twice a day in empty stomach
9. NAYOPAYAM KASHAYAM Asthma, cough, hiccough 10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
water twice a day in empty stomach
10. PATOLADI KASHAYAM (A.H.) Fever, Scabies, allergic skin problems, Jaundice, Vomiting.
10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
water twice a day in empty stomach
11. PRASARINYADI KASHAYAMRh12.eumatism, Gout, Headache, ailment due to vata especially on shoulder joints.
10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
water twice a day in empty stomach
12. 14.PUNARNAVADI KASHAYAM Diuretic, very useful in liver inflammation, Ascitis, Oedema, nephritis
10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
water twice a day in empty stomach
13. BHARNGYADI KASHAYAM (S.Y.) All Types of Chronic fever, Bronchitis. 10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
water twice a day in empty stomach
14. MAHAMANJISHTADI KASHAYAM (S.S) Wounds, leprosy, filariasis, ailment due to blood disorders, Rheumatism.
5 to 10ml with 4 times boiled water
15. MAHATHIKTHAM KASHAYAM (A.H.) Diabetes, Scabies, boils, Fistula, Ulcers, Anaemia, Burning, sensation. Blood purifier and for all types of skin problems, Psoriasis.
10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
16. VALIYA RASNADI KASHAYAM (S.Y) Very useful for all types of Vatha ailments like Paksha vatha etc.,
10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
17. VARANADI KASHAYAM Indigestion, Reduces Kapha and Fat, Rheumatism, Headache, Flatulance, Internal tumors. 10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
18. VASAGULOOCHYADI KASHAYAM (S.Y) Jaundice, Anaemia 10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
19. VIDARYADI KASHAYAM (A.H) Abdominal tumour, body-ache, Asthma, cough, Vatha-Pitha diseases. 10ml mixed with 4 times (luke warm)
20. VEERATHARADI KASHAYAM (SPL) All Types of Urinary & Renal problems, back aches.
5 to 10ml with 4 times boiled water
21. SIREESHADI KASHAYAM (A.H.) Very effective in all types of poisons, toxins and
allergic skin infection. 5 to 10ml with 4 times boiled water
22. SUKUMARAM KASHAYAM (A.H.) Indigestion, flatulance, stomach pain, hernia, uterine problems.
10ml mixed with 4 times water
(luke warm)
23. SAHACHARADI KASHAYAM (A.H.) Very useful for all types of Vatha ailments like Paksha vatha etc.
10ml mixed with 4 times water
(luke warm)

Name of Medicine & Qualities

1. 15.CHERIYA ANTHRAKUTARAM (S.Y.) Stomach pain, gas problems, Hernia, Hip pain rel16.ieved. 1 or 2 pills
twice or thrice
2. KAISORAGULGULU (S.Y.) Effective in Rheumatism, Ulcers, boils etc., Reduces excess fat. 1 or 2 pills
twice or thrice
Diarrhoea, Vomiting, Asthma, Cough, Fever,
Epilepsy, etc., Especially in children.
1 or 2 pills
twice or thrice
4. GARBHARAKSHINI (S.Y.) (MAHA DHANWANTHARAM) A Very good pill for pregnant women. Effects, as in Dhanwantharam gulika.
1 or 2 pills
twice or thrice
5. SLEEPADAGAJAKESARI (B.R) Most powerful in filariasis, Rheumatism and Arthritis. 1 or 2 pills
twice or thrice
6. GOROCHANADI (SPL) Very useful in all types of fever. Asthma, Cough, Epilepsy, Paralysis, Heart ailments etc., 1 or 2 pills
twice ar thrice
with jeeraka Kashayam
7. CHANDRAPRABHA CAPSULES (S.S) Diabetes, Urinary problems, Anaemia, Jaundice, Hernia, etc., are cured. 1 or 2 pills
once or twice
8. CHUKKUMTHIPPALLYADI GULIKA(S.Y.) Chronic fever, Cough, Head ache 1 or 2 pills
once or twice
9. DHAWANTHARAM GULIKA (S.Y) Very useful in Asthma, Hicoughs, Dyspnoea, Cough, Flatulance, and prenatal care.
1 or 2 pills
once or twice
10. YOGARAJA GULGULU (B.R) Very efective in Rheumatism, Arthritis, Ulcers, Skin infections.
1 or 2 pills
once or twice
11. VAYUGULIKA (KASTHURYADI) (S.Y) Vatha ailments, body pain, cough, Chest pain, Palpitation, breathing problems. Helpful for
pregnant women. 1 or 2 pills
once or twice
12. VILWADI GULIKA (A.H.) Used in fever, vomiting, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Diarrhoea poisoning and allergic skin infections
insect bites. 1 or 2 pills
once or twice
13. SIVAGULIKA (B.R.) Very useful in diabetes, Skin problems and neuritis. 1 or 2 pills
once or twice
14. MANASAMITHRA VATAKAM Epilepsy, Mania, Insomnia, Neurological disorder. 1 or 2 pills
once or twice

Name of Medicine & Qualities

1. A.H. CAPSULES Renal Calculi 1 or 2 Caps twice or thrice
2. CLOMBIN All types of Haemorrhage. 1 or 2 Caps twice or thrice
3. R.G. CAPS Most effective in Rheumatism, Arthritis and other Neuro – muscular – disorders 1 or 2 Caps twice or thrice
4. MEHANI Diabetes Mellitus 1 or 2 Caps twice or thrice

Name of Medicine & Qualities

1. AGASTHYA RASAYANAM (A.H.) Asthma, Cough, bronchitis, constipation etc., 5 to 15 gram twice daily
2. ABHAYAMRITHA RASAYANAM (SPL) Stop premature ejaculation. Useful in spermatorrhoea.
5 to 15 gram twice daily
3. ASWAGANDHADI LEHYAM (SPL) Builds up the body, improves strength, gives relief to bronchitis, shivering, nervous weakness, seminal problem, vathavikaras etc., 5 to 15 gram twice daily
4. KANKAYANAM (B.R.) All types of piles, indigestion, constipation etc.,. 5 grams twice with butter milk
5. KOOSMANDARASAYANAM (A.H.) Effective in Brochitis, Cough, Blood Spitting, general debility, improves immunity 5 to 15 gram twice daily
6. CHYAVANAPRASAM (A.H.) Very effective in Asthma, Bronchitis, Throat infections, Stomatitis, Cardiac problems, Rheumatism, Urinary problems, Seminal problem etc., gives more strength to body. Improves memory power, digestion, and general life span. Both young and old can take to prevent geriatic problems. Prevents graying and falling of hair. Increases disease resistance.
5 to 15 gram twice daily with milk
7. THALEESAPATHRADI VATAKAM (A.H.) Useful in Indigestion, Asthma, Bronchitis, etc.
3 to 5 gram thrice with or without honey
8. TRIVRIL LEHYAM (A.H) Constipation, used as purgative & laxative 5 grams at night or 5 to 20 grams at 5am
9. DASAMOOLARASAYANAM (SPL) Bronchitis, Asthma, Hicough, Chest pain etc.,
5 to 15 gramtwice of frequent small doses
10. PULIMKUZHAMBU (S.S) Stomach pain, bleeding in rectum, Indigestion, dysmenorrhoea.
5 to 15 gram once or twice with butter milk
11. MAHAVILWADI (SPL) Very effective in indigestion, loss of appetite, stomach pain, acidity, vomiting, spasmodic colic pain. Also for post natal
care. 2 to 5 gram twice daily
12. MADHUSNUHI (VALIYA) (S.Y.) Effective in Scabies, Ulcers, Fistula, Psoriasis etc.,.
5 to 15 gram twice daily
13. VILWADI (S.Y) Useful as mentioned under Mahavilwadi lehyam. Very effective in children & pregnant Women. 5 to 15 gram twice daily
14. SATHAVAREEGULAM (S.Y) Very effective in all types of urinary, uterine problems. Cools down the body.
5 to 15 gram twice daily
15. SUKUMARAM LEHYAM (A.H.) Very useful in Gulma Rogas, Flatulance, Hernia, Uterine problems, low back ache, ulcer etc.,
5 to 10 gram once or twice with milk
16.. DASAMOOLAHAREETHAKI Oedema, Ascitis, Bronchitis, Gastritis, Mild laxative
2 to 15 gram twice
17. MANIBHADRAM Oedema, Worms, skin infection, Mild laxative.
5 to 15gram twice

Name of Medicine & Qualities

Useful in indigestion, spasmodic dyspesia, loss of appetite, Rickets etc., 2 to 5 gram twice with ghee, cooked rice or with butter milk
Anaemia, Jaundice, Generalized oedema 1 gram twice
Useful in Cough, indigestion, stomach pain. Improves general debility and resistance power.
2 to 5 gram twice with milk
or honey
Indigestion, constipation 2 to 5 grams
Headache, giddiness, Restlessness, Insomina External use only
Ashtma, Bronchitis, Chest pain, Throat congestion
with or without honey in frequent doses
Loss of appetite, Indigestion, Bronchitis, cough, Asthma etc.,
Mix with honey or without in frequent doses
Very effective in eye problem and spermatorrhroea, used as a laxative.
2 to 5 gm once or twice a day
Any type of skin infection, used as bathing powder, very effective in skin problems may be used as face mask improves completion, skin cleanser.
For external use only
Dyspepsia, Duodenal disorder, diarrhoea, stomach ache. 2 to 5 gram twice
Jaundice, anaemia 1 gram twice
Used as snuff to cure Nasal Block, Headache, Cataarrh, cold.
Dose – a pinch to be used as snuff
Diarrhoea, leucorrhoea, dysentery, bleeding piles, excess uterine bleeding. 3 to 5 gram twice
Tooth powder – Tooth ache, Gum Swelling, bleeding, Halitosis are removed. Keeps the tooth white.
Used for regular brushing
Used in loss of appetite, Indigestion, stomach pain, Ulcer & Dyspepsia.
2 to 5 gram twice a day
Catarrh, Heaviness of head ache are cured.
For external application
17. VACHADI (A.H.)
Very effective in all types of diarrhoea, dysentery
2 to 3 grams twice with butter milk
Effective in anaemia, indigestion, grahani, Mrithjanya rogas in babies 1 to 2 grams twice with butter milk or honey
Ieucoderma 2 gram twice
Indigestion, dyspepsia, Stomach pain, vomiting, spasmodic-colic pain, uterine problems. 3 to 5 gram twice with butter milk or honey

Name of Medicine & Qualities Usage
1. AMRUTHAPRASAM (A.H.) Good for cough, hip pain, chest pain, asthma etc. Builds up the body, gives strength and resistance power. A very good health tonic. 5 to 15gm. twice a day
2. ASOKA GHRITHAM (B.R) Vaginal disorders, menorrhagia, uterine disorders, Anaemia, Jaundice, Habitual Abortion. 10 grams twice
3..4. ASWAGANDHADI GHRITHAM (B.R) Nervous debility, spermatorrhoea, General debility, Rheumatism, premature grey hair, vatha disease. 10 grams twice
5. INDUKANTHA GHRITHAM (A.H.) Chronic fever, fatigue, Flatulance, Duodental & Intestinal ulcers, Stomach pain. 5 to 15ml. once or
6. KALYANAKA GHRITHAM (A.H) Convulsion, Epilepsy, Anaemia. Dropsy, Loss of memory, Loss of vitality 5 to 15ml. twice
7. GULGULUTHIKTHAM (A.H.) Skin infections, Eczema, Ulcers, Fistula, Bone & joints diseases, Rheumatism, Rheumatoid arthritis. 5 to 15ml. twice
8. EEVANTHYADI GHRITHAM (A.H) Cataract, eye diseases 5 to 15ml. twice
9. THIKTHAKA GHRITHAM (A.H) Similiar to Thiktham Kashayam, leprosy, Herpes, burning sensation, Psoriasis.
5 to 15ml. twice
10. PATOLADI GHRITHAM (A.H) Eye disease & skin infection 5 to 15ml. twice
11. PHALASARPIS (A.H.) Infertility, Vaginal, Uterine diseases. 5 to 15ml. twice
12. BRAHMEE GHRITHAM (A.H) Good for Epilipsy, Insomnia, loss of Memory power etc.,
5 to 15ml. twice
14. BRIHATCHAGALADI GHRITHAM (A.H) Fatigue Tiredness, All types of Vatha aliments, Atrophy of muscles.
10 gram twice
15. MAHAPANCHAGAVYA GHRITHAM (B.R) Reduces Heat, Pitha. Increases memory power. Good for Epilepsy. A brain tonic
15ml at night
16. MAHATHIKTHAGHRITHA (A.H.) Reduces heat & Pitha, This gives relief to skin problem, piles, ulcers, Psoriasis etc., A good blood purifier.
15ml once a day
17. MAHAKALYANAKA GHRITHAM (A.H.) Loss of memory, Epilepsy, Pitha, Anaemia are cured. A brain tonic, it also increases the fertility in men & women.
15ml once a day
19. RASNADI GHRITHAM (A.H) Rheumatism, muscle wasting, catarrh, cough and Vatha diseases
5 to 15ml. twice a day
19. VACHADI (A.H.)
Very effective in all types of diarrhoea, dysentery 5 to 15ml. twice a day
Effective in anaemia, indigestion, grahani, Mrithjanya rogas in babies
5 to 15ml. twice
Ieucoderma 10gram twice
Indigestion, dyspepsia, Stomach pain, vomiting, spasmodic-colic pain, uterine problems.
10gram twice

Name of Medicine & Qualities

1. ELANEERKUZHAMBU (S.Y) 10 ml For all types of eye diseases. Cools the eyes. 1 drop twice daily
2. SHANMAKSHIKAM (A.H.) 10 ml Cataract, Pterygium, Irritaion 1 drop twice daily
3. OMAWATER (A.P.) 200 ml Indigestion, Stomach pain, sinusitis, cough etc., De-addictive in alcoholism. 200ml 5 to 10ml with boiled and cooled
4. SUDHAKALPAM 10 gm Very effective as a balm in Headache, cold, stomatitis, cough, muscle & joint pain, tooth ache, ENT problems etc.,
For external
Internal use
5. VRANAROPINI (SPL) Very effective in cuts & ulcers and infection in foot. for external use only
6. GANDHAKANAVANEETHAM Itching, Eczema for external use only

All the above articles / blog posts are not the original contribution from author, please consider a opinion of qualified doctor, if you considering this. If you need a advice please contact Dr. Anil Joy email: [email protected]

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Ayurvedic Medicinal Herbs for Kidney Failure and Renal Calculi Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa):

Ayurvedic Medicinal Herbs for Kidney Failure and Renal Calculi

Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa): Punarnava is commonly called ‘hogweed’ and it is very useful herbal diuretic. It induces micturition and relieves painful micturition

Varun (Crataeva nurvala): Commonly known as ‘Caper’ is a used in Ayurveda for urinary tract infections and to break down renal stones. It is very effective for obstruction in urinary tract and helps in removing the renal stones.

Gokshur (Tribulus terrestris): Tribulus terrestris is used as a diuretic and herbal tonic for genitor-urinary system. It is sold as a power and stamina enhancer all around the world. It also increases the sperm count and sexual vigor and stamina. It clears away the obstruction in the urinary tract and is also act as anti-infective.

Rakt Chandan (P. santalinus- Red Sandalwood): Rakt Chandan is diuretic and anti-infective. It acts like a cooling agent in the urinary tract and is a urinary alkaliser.

Palaash (Butea monosperma): Also known as “flame of the forest” this beautiful red flowered tree is very useful for kidney problems. It is a urinary alkaliser and also relieves painful micturition.

Kaasni (Cichorium intybus): This is a very common weed and is commonly called ‘Chicory’. It is a very good alkaliser and also gives strength to the kidneys. Kaasni is used in Ayurveda for its benefits in acute and chronic kidney failure.

All the above articles / blog posts are not the original contribution from author, please consider a opinion of qualified doctor, if you considering this. If you need a advice please contact Dr. Anil Joy email: [email protected]

Thank You,

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AYURVEDIC HOSPITALS OF INDIA Aanchal`s ayurveda panchkarma center- for weight loss,


Aanchal`s ayurveda
panchkarma center- for weight loss, skin care, bone and joint care, complexion enhancement, pre martial rejuvenation for brides
#2633, sector 40
sector 40/c, Mohali (Punjab) – 160036
Phone : +91-172-9872555576, 9872002595

Aarogya Chiktsahayla
Practice of Ayurvedic medicine with facilities for consultation, yoga, meditation.
Ghata Road Mkt, Near Sec – 56,, Vill. Wazirabad, Gurgaon
Gurgaon (Haryana) – 122003
Phone : +91-124-9350598979

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) – 221002
Phone : +91-542-2282755, 09451941855

Aastha Ayurvedic Clinic
ayurvedic consultation for chronic disorders ibs, ulcerative colitis, pptic ulcer, piles, skin disorders etc
C 10/27 sector fifteen, rohini delhi
north delhi, North Delhi (Delhi)
Phone : +91-0-988817778822

Aastha Ayurvedic Clinic
Quality Herbal Treatments for all Chronic,obstinate life style disorders like IBS,Colitis, Sexual disorders, Migraine, Hyperacidity, Ulcer,Sinusitis
C 10/27 Sector 15
Rohini, North Delhi (Delhi) – 110085
Phone : +91-11-9868263718, 9212146964

ali clinic
renal stone,uteric stone,
barshi takli
dist;akola, Akola (Maharashtra) – 444401
Phone : +91-724-9011085307

We provide panchkarma facilities like nasya,etc
40,Vinodpark soc., Nr. Jashodanagar Cross Roads,Jashodanagar,Ahmedabad,Gujarat 380050 ,(0)9898188942
Ahmedabad (Gujrat)
Phone : +91-79-9898188942, 9429134868

Arogya Ayurvedic centre
Arogya Ayurvedic Centre provides effective treatment for wide range of diseases like Diabetes, Asthma, Joint diseases, high BP and high Cholesterol,
279, Purusawalkam high road,, opp union bank of India
Chennai (Tamilnadu) – 600010
Phone : +91-44-26424546

Arogya Ayurvedic centre
Arogya Ayurvedic Centre provides effective treatment for wide range of diseases like Diabetes, Asthma, Joint diseases, high BP and high Cholesterol,
B 108, Janak Deep, 7 Bungalows,, JP Road,
Andheri west, Mumbai (Maharashtra) – 400061
Phone : +91-22-26351471, 26359458

Arogya Ayurvedic centre
Arogya Ayurvedic Centre provides effective treatment for wide range of diseases like Diabetes, Asthma, Joint diseases, high BP and high Cholesterol,
Plot 33, 34, Golden pebbles, gulmohar avenue, near marthahalli bridge
Munnekulala, Bangalore (Karnataka) – 560037
Phone : +91-80-41750389

Atharva Multispeciality Ayurveda Hospital
An Exclusive Internationla Ayurveda Panchakarma Hospitla To Cure Psoriasis,Vitiligo,Cancer and All Chronic Diseases
2,Paras Society,, Nirmala Convent Road,
Opp:Physiotherapy College,, Rajkot (Gujrat) – 360007
Phone : +91-281-2577156, 9825163953

AVN Arogya Ayurvedic Hospital
A full fledged Ayurvedic hospital backed by a tradition of 80 years, a team of well qualified ayurvedic physicians, high quality medicines
175 Vilachery Main Road
Pasumalai, Madurai (Tamilnadu) – 625004
Phone : +91-452-2370394, 9790006134

Ayucure Ayurvedic Hospitals,
Ayucure Ayurvedic Hospitals, an athuntic,, kerala traditional Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment center,successfully running for the 9 years ., Ncl colony, petbasheerabad
kompally road, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) – 500055
Phone : +91-40-65503635, 9908509003, 9959983930

Ayucure Ayurvedic Hospitals,
Ayucure Ayurvedic Hospitals, an athuntic,, kerala traditional Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment center,successfully running for the 9 years ., Ncl colony, petbasheerabad
kompally road,, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) – 500055
Phone : +91-40-9908509003

We are largest chain of wellness center in India with International presence in Canada & South Africa.
6/11, Ramanathan Street,, Off New Avadi Rd, Near Rigid Life Line Hospital
Kilpauk, Chennai (Tamilnadu) – 600010
Phone : +91-44-42857585, 42857587, 9444177708

Ayurved Chikitsa Mandir & Panchkarma Research Cent
An exclusive centre for Ayurveda & Panchkarma Treatment for chronic diseases such as Cancers, Hepatitis, Infertility, Arthritis, Obesity .
14-C, Bhandari Estate
Rani Ka Bagh, Amritsar (Punjab) – 143001
Phone : +91-183-9855267834

Ayurved Kendra
Satya Marg, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi (Delhi) – 110021
Phone : +91-11-26885939

Ayurveda Panchkarma Health, Wellness and Fitness c
We are working in Health,Wellness and Fitness Programme since 22 Years
303, Cosmo Complex, Mahila College Chowk, Opp: LIC Building
Rajkot (Gujrat) – 360001
Phone : +91-0-919825463394

Ayurveda Speciality Clinic
Ayurveda provides facilities like Ayurvedic consultations, massages, panchakarma therapies, herbal products, herbal cosmetics.
Opp.Soul vacation 4th ward, Colva Goa
Salcete, Margao (Goa) – 403708
Phone : +91-832-9823244427, 9850150825

Ayurvedic Chikitsa Kendra
Ayurved Treatment in India, Ayurved Facilities, Panchkarma, Panchakarma, Panch Karma
301 prathmesh plaza, Kirtistambh road, baroda, vadodra
Vadodra (Gujrat) – 390005
Phone : +91-265-9227141235

ayurvedic herbal
this is the best ayurvedic clinic in the region
h.n.34 karar
kharar, Mohali (Punjab)
Phone : +91-0-9875883425

Ayuryog Clinic
Specialized in the practice of Ayurveda medicine with facilities for consultation, therapeutic massage treatments, rejuvenation and panchakarma
Kerala Ayurvedic Center, 50/321 Ellora Park
Race Course, Vadodara (Gujrat)
Phone : +91-265-2395924, 9909039959
Fax : 2395924

Ayushree Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Centre
34, Parab Nagar, Nr Swami Samartha Kendra
Indiranagar, Nasik (Maharashtra) – 422009
Phone : +91-253-2322100, 2322400

Ayushree Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Centre
Built on International standards, Genuine Ayurvedic treatment for all acute and chronic diseases, Panchkarma, Beauty, garbhasanskara, Publications
34, Parabnagar, Near Swami Samartha kendra
Indiranagar, Nasik (Maharashtra) – 422009
Phone : +91-253-2322100, 2573414

Typhoid specialist
Julana Distt-jind, Julana Distt-jind, Jind (Haryana) – 126101
Phone : +91-1683-274920, 9255584046

Renowned Ayurveda panchakarma centre for PD, CP, MND, MS, Paralysis, MR, RA, OA, Spondylitis, sciatica, slipdisc, infertility, obesity, psoriasis etc
1-8-49/1, P G Road,
Secunderabad, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) – 500003
Phone : +91-40-27896644, 66329888, 9849015400

Chempenkulam Ayurveda Hospital & pharma
Chempenkulam Ayuveda Hospital is the only authentic ayurveda center of Thekkady,kumily is established in 1968 for Kerala ayurveda panchakarma treatmen
Thekkady Jn
Idukki (Kerala) – 091
Phone : +91-4869-222094

Authentic Panchakarma centre for chronic diseases, lumber & spine care , Obecity managment, Yog & Meditation
WARDHA, Wardha (Maharashtra) – 442001
Phone : +91-7152-325914

dharmender Ayurvedic Clinic
Specialist in Arthritis, Sinnusitis, Infertility & Skin disorders.
6-3-668/10/19, Durga Nagar Colony, Punjagutta, Hyderabad.
Punjagutta,, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) – 500082
Phone : +91-40-9848666873, 9912443793, 04023406187

Disneys Medi Kid Hospital
6-3-778/44 Durganagar Colony Opp. Gold Spot, Ameerpet
Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) – 500016
Phone : +91-40-23408763

Dr Agravat’s Ayurveda & Spa Tourism
Natural health care solution. Rehabilitation and long-term care services. Ayurvedic herbs India, Alternative medicines India, Herbals, Natural herb
405, Shivam 1, A Wing, Raheja Complex Malad (East)
Mumbai (Maharashtra)
Phone : +91-0-9825763666

Dr Ambalkar’ ARC Hospital
Are you a Psoriasis patient? Are you searching for a good psoriasis treatment? We treat by AYURVEDIC way.
NORTH KOLKATA, Kolkata (West Bengal) – 700055
Phone : +91-33-25740048, 25740078, 25740457
Fax : 25740457

Dr Nedungadi s Ayurvedic Centre
14/2, Rajaram Mehta Nagar
Aminjikarai, Chennai (Tamilnadu) – 600029
Phone : +91-44-23741395

Dutta Ayurvedic Clinic
Dutta Ayurvedic Clinic has been established 1925 to promote the traditional Indian medical science of Ayurveda by taking ancient wisdom
Dutta Street, Chowk Kishan Pura
Jalandhar (Punjab) – 144008
Phone : +91-181-2640781, 9872870081

gokul ayurvedic hospital
super speciality ayurvedic hospital since1999.panchakarma,ksharasutra speciality,and rejuvunation therapy
Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh) – 515001
Phone : +91-91-8142249999

super speciality ayurvedic hospital since1999,we have three branches in Andhraprades. Hyderabad. anantapur, khammam.panchakarma ksharasutra speciality
L B NAGAR, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) – 500072
Phone : +91-40-8142249999, 9246903222

H.N. 2654,, SECTOR – 70,
MOHALI, Mohali (Punjab) – 160071
Phone : +91-172-2265105, 9417251089

HSSK Associate
Ayurvedic Treatment views the illness as a whole, thereby removing the disease from its root
Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala (Dealer), Kasarwadavli
G B Road, Thane (Maharashtra) – 400601
Phone : +91-22-25972266, 25972206, 9820781109

Siddha, Acupuncture and Physiotherapy treatments for all Dieseases
MADURAI, Madurai (Tamilnadu) – 625018
Phone : +91-452-9962290041

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort
120 Andheria Modh, Mehrauli
New Delhi (Delhi) – 110030
Phone : +91-11-26802106, 55664447
Fax : 26680875

Kerala Ayurvedic Panchakarma Centre
best kerala ayurvedic centre in the region.Contact for arthritis,disc problem,knee joint pain,ayurvedic facial, relaxation and rejuvenating therapies.
HM-548, First Floor, Phase 7 . Mohali.
Chandigarh (Chandigarh)
Phone : +91-0-9876735788

Keraleeya Ayurvedic Samajam Hospital
301, Lloyds Road
Royapettah, Chennai (Tamilnadu) – 600014
Phone : +91-44-28132361

specialities:Sciatica,Slip Disc,Arthritis,Backpain,Migrain and body massage,Shirodhara,Steambath
28, Kardhar Complex
Hiran Magari, sssssec-14, Udaipur (Rajasthan) – 313001
Phone : +91-294-2640122

Madras Ayurvedic Hospital
5, Panjali Amman Koil Street, Arumbakkam
Chennai (Tamilnadu) – 600106
Phone : +91-44-24750508

An Evidence Based Treatment Centre for ASTHMA, MIGRAINE, NEUROLOGICAL n CARDIAC PROBLEMS, PILES, PANCREATITIS, DIABETIES n oters chronic deaseases
KOLAR ROAD, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) – 462016
Phone : +91-755-09425024132

Nedungadis Ayurvedic Centre
14/2, Rajaram Mehta Nagar
Aminjikarai, Chennai (Tamilnadu) – 600029
Phone : +91-44-23741395

Niramay Ayurvedic Hospital
403-C, President Plaza,, Near RTO,
Nanpura, Surat (Gujrat) – 395001
Phone : +91-261-2465759, 9426814462
Fax : 2470876

Prakash Ayurvedic Nethralaya & Panchakarma Kendra
Eye is the greatest gift of God to the mankind. Today millions of people are devoid of this Mother Nature’s most beautiful gift. Prakash Ayurvedic Net
C-112, Ram Gali no. 5,, Near Panchavati Circle
Raja Park, Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Phone : +91-141-3232312

R.V. Ayurvedic Hospital
Mumbai (Maharashtra) – 400022
Phone : +91-22-24072176, 24092562

Rai Piles Clinic
Rai Piles Clinic Shop No. 1, Himgiri Apt., Near Maruti Mandir, Jessal Park, Bhayandar (E), Thane 401
Bhayander East, Mumbai (Maharashtra) – 401105
Phone : +91-22-9320412042, 9820528728
Fax : 65745558

CUTTACK, Cuttack (Orissa) – 753012
Phone : +91-671-09437021508, 09861021508
Fax : 0672233541

Rajendra Ayurvedic Clinic
84-F/6, Bye pass Road
Madurai (Tamilnadu) – 625003
Phone : +91-452-2606765

Rosema Ayurveda Hospital
Rejuvenation Therapy
449 Barathy st
Puducherry (Pondicherry)
Phone : +91-413-2228998, 919843044523

Rejuvenation Therapy
449 Lal bahadur st pondicherry
Puducherry (Pondicherry)
Phone : +91-413-9843044523, 9843044523

Sankunnis Ayurvedic Clinic
4, 1st Main Road, East Shenoy Nagar
Chennai (Tamilnadu) – 600029
Phone : +91-44-26445759

Centre is run by MD doctor.We are providing authenticated treatment for Arthritis,Weight loss,Hair loss,Sex problems,Acne,skin diseases,Migraine,DM.
H.No.-B-II-320, Gandhi Nagar-1
Opp.Apahaj Ashram,Behind BSF Colony, Jalandhar (Punjab) – 144008
Phone : +91-181-2203854, 9876085559

sparsa ayurvedic centre
a complete centre for ayurvedic massage, steambath, sirodhara, panchakarma, relaxation and rejuvenation.
B-1/128-4, Dumraobag colony
Assi, Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) – 221005
Phone : +91-542-2313213, 9450533205

Sree subramania ayurvedic Nursing Home
Gives special tretment for rheumatic complaints,sports injuries.
Karikkamkulam, Karaparamba
Near, Kozhikode (Kerala) – 673010
Phone : +91-495-2371452, 3265974, 9447799589

Sree Subramanya Ayurvedic Nursing Home
50 Bed Ayurvedic Hospital in Karikkamkulam
Karikkamkulam.Karaparamba(po), Calicut
Calicut, Kozhikode (Kerala) – 673010
Phone : +91-495-9995449589

Sukadha Ayurvedic Centre
64, 1st Avenue, Ashok Nagar
Chennai (Tamilnadu) – 600083
Phone : +91-44-26411746

Sukhayu Ayurveda Clinic
Speciality centre for Treating Spine & Knee problems. Holistic combination of Panchakarma Trerapies, Diet & Posture corrections In Spine & Knee Pain
C2 Brahma Estate Office no, Next to Jyoti Resturant. Kondhwa NIBM Annexue., Kondhwa
Kondhwa NIBM, Pune (Maharashtra) – 411048
Phone : +91-20-40055962, 9850


SANJEEVA REDDY NAGAR, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) – 500038
Phone : +91-40-9246276791, 23731427

tulas is unique combination of modernisedand ancient ayurvedic treatments.tulas is specialised in panchkarma therapies for acute& chronic diseases.
AIROLI,NAVI MUMBAI, New Mumbai (Maharashtra) – 400708
Phone : +91-22-0932122100, 09322222102, 9869410557, 9869410557
Fax : 27607243

Vedanta Ayurveda
Ayurveda consultation,Panchakarma therapies,herabl treatment for chronic diseases like Multiple sclerosis,CRF,Infertility.Cancer.Arthritis,Slip Disc,
195,FF,westend marg, Saidulajab
South Delhi, South Delhi (Delhi) – 110030
Phone : +91-11-29536209
Fax : 29536209

Ayurvedic, Homoeopathic and Nutreopathic Therapies under one roof.Every cost effective treatmet for Acute & Chronic Diseases, Safe and Fast relief.
The Holistic Health Center,, Sihigate Bazar,
BALLABGARH, Faridabad (Haryana) – 121004
Phone : +91-129-9311775288, 9911420519, 2241922

Employing Ayurvedic techniques of massage, acupressure, light therapy, yoga, meditation, relaxation and other complementary therapies.
14/2, Rajaram Mehta Nagar
Chennai (Tamilnadu) – 600 02
Phone : +91-44-23743832, 23744721, 23741395

Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre Pvt. Ltd.
Diabetes, asthma, hypertension, rheumatism, arthritis, sinusitis, depression, insomnia, mental and skin disorders, paralysis, urinary tract infections
CHOGM Road, Near C.I.E, Next to Mae de Deus Church
Saligao, Bardez, Sanguem (Goa) – 403511
Phone : +91-832-2409275, 2409036

Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre Pvt. Ltd.
Diabetes, asthma, hypertension, rheumatism, arthritis, sinusitis, depression, insomnia, mental and skin disorders, paralysis, urinary tract infections
CHOGM Road, Near C.I.E, Next to Mae de Deus Church
Saligao, Bardez, Bernaulim (Goa) – 403511
Phone : +91-832-2409275, 2409036

Dhanwanthari Vaidyasala &Treatment Center
At Dhanwanthari Vaidyasala, we maintain traditional methodology for Ayurvedic medicine preparation.
Thodupuzha, Kerala State
Kerala (Kerala)
Phone : +91-486-2222536, 2227566

Junnarkar’s Ayurvedic Health Club
Promoter of Ayurveda and Herbal Preparations (Tablets, Oils and Cosmetics).
Post Box No. 1514, Wanowrie
Pune (Maharashtra) – 411040
Phone : +91-20-6688889

Kerala’s Ayurvedic Panchkaram Centre
Traditional & Time tested effective remedies for ARTHRITIS, SPONDYLITIS, STRESS, STRAIN, PARALYSIS, ETC.
S.C.F 88, Phase 7, S.A.S Nagar
Mohali (Punjab)
Phone : +91-172-5095652, 9814910156

Sharma Ayurvedic Clinic
The oldest ayurvedic clinic in the western region; Treatment is based on pure ayurvedic procedures.
469, Sankdi Sheri, Opp. B.D. College
Ahmedabad (Gujrat) – 380001
Phone : +91-79-22140207
Fax : 22140207

Sukh Sagar Hospital & Research Centre
We are providing all four pathies viz. Allopathy, Ayurveda, Keraliya and Naturopathy under one roof.
Road No.1, Vishwakarma Industrial Area
Jaipur (Rajasthan) – 302012
Phone : +91-141-5153216, 5107260

Veda Vyasa Foods Pvt. Ltd
Specialised in ’Marma Chikilsa’ and treatment of Rheumatic Diseases, Arthritis, Paralysis, Spondylitis etc.
II/381, Kurumulloor
Kottayam (Kerala) – 686632
Phone : +91-481-2537178, 2535307
Fax : 2537178


Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala (AVS) Hospital

Hospitals of kerala Google map

Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital

Sree Sankara Ayurveda Hospital

Ayurvedic Hospitals

Dalmanuta Ayurvedic treatments


Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort

Ayurveda & Spa Resort Sonnhof

Somatheeram – World’s First Ayurveda Resort

Kairali group Ayurveda Resort

Ayurvedagram in Bangalore

Hilton Sanya Resort and Spa

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Ayurvedic Herbs for Various Diseases These following is a general list of the

Ayurvedic Herbs for Various Diseases

These following is a general list of the various herbs used in ayurveda. You must consult an experienced ayurvedic practitioner before taking them.
They are used in the form of Kalka (paste), Quaatha (decoction), Sneha (mediated ghee or oil), Lehya etc., according to the Dosha or Dooshya etc., and may be used for any purpose such as Nasyaa, Anuvaasana Vasti or Abhyanga or for internal administration as required.

1. Abortion
Chitramoolam, Ergot, Hindu, Karpaasamula Thwak, Krishna Jeerakam, Kumaari.

2. Abscess
Dhatura, See Antiphlogistics.

3. Alteratives
Aswagandha, Gokshura, Guduchi, Guggulu, Kushtam, Madhusnuhi, Nimba, Nirgundi, Pippali, Saalmali, Saariba, Vaasaa, Vidangam, Vidaari, See Tonics.

4. Aamavaata
See Rheumatism.

5. Anaemia
Kaasisa, Draaksha, Hingulam, Laakshaa, Paaada, (Mercury), Taalakam; Vaasaa.

6. Anresthetics
Datura, Karpuram. Lavanga, Vatsanaabhi, Vijaya.

7. Anasarca
Arka, Punarnavaa, See Dropsy.

8. Anorexia
Ela, Jeerakam, Sunthi, Thwak, See Carminatives.

9. Anodyne
Ahiphenam, Bhallaathaka, Dhatura, Kuraasaani Yamaani, Sunthi, Vatsanaabhi.

10. Antacid.
Apaamaarga Kshaaram, Churnodokam, Kadali Kshaaram, Sarjakshaaram, Yavakshaara.

11. Anthelmintics
Ajamoda, Bhallaathaka, Daadima, Haridra, Hingu, Kirmaani, Krishna Jeerakam, Kuraasaaniyamaani, Maricham, Nimba, Palaasabeeja, Pippalimoolam, Rasona, chaa, Vibheethaki, Vidangam.

12. Antimalarial
Arka, Bhoodhaatri, Bhringaraaja, Daaruharidraa, Katukarohini, Kiraata, Maricha, Nirgundi, Rasona, Vishamusti.

13. Antiparasitics
Ajamoda, Arka, Daadima, Dhatura, Gandbakam, Kirmaani, Maricham, Vachaa. See Vermicides.

14. Antiperiodics
Guduchi, Hingulam, Katukarohini, Kiraata, Kutaja, Maricham, Nimba, Nirgundi, Patola, Quinine, Raktachandanam.

15. Antiphlogistics
Chandanam, Dhatura, Daaruharidra, Kumaari, Pacchakarpuram, See Inflammation.

16. Antipyretics
Bhoodhaatri, Hingulam, Kiraata, Kuberaaksha, Manosila, Maricham, Nimba, Nirgundi, Quinine, Raktachandanam, Taalakam, Vasanaabhi.

17. Antiseptics
Ajamodaa, Aswattha, Chandanam, Daaruharidraa, Ghritam, Harithaki, Haridraa, Hingu, Kachorarn, Karpuram, Khadira, Krishna-jeerakam, Kumaari, Lankesam, Lavangam, Madhu, Madhuchishta, Manjishta, Nimba, Rasona, Saindhava Lavanam, Saalmali, Sarkaraa, Thuttham, Useeram, Vibheethaki.

18. Antispasmodics
Ajamoda, Aaphenam, Arka, Bhaarngi, Dhatura, Guggulu, Hingu, Jataamaamsi, Karpuram, Kaathuri. Kuraasaaniyamaani, Kushtam, Lavangam, Raasna, Rasona. Surakshaara, Taalisapatri, Thwak, Useeram, Vaasa, Vatsanaabhi, Vijaya.

19. Antisyphilitics
Adutinnapalai (Gaadidagadapaaku), Arka, Bhallaathaka. Devadaaru, Guggulu, Guduchi, Hingulam, Khadira, Madhusnuhi, Maricham, Paarada (Mercury), Saaribaa, Tuvaraka.

20. Aphrodisiacs
Aakaarakarabha, Aaphenam, Aswagandha, Aswattha, Bhallaathaka, Ghritam, Gokshura, Guduchi, Guggulu, Ikshuraka, Jaatiphala. Jataamamsi, Karpuram, Kasthuri, Madhu, Madhusnuhi, Markatabeejam, Maasha, Rasona. Saalmali, Saariba, Sarkara, Sataavari Vacha, Vamsalochana, Vidaari, Vishamusti, Yashtiwadu.

21. Appetiser
Adutinnapalai, (Gaadidagadapaaku) Maricham.

22. Appendicitis
Chitramoolam, Daadima, Dhaanyaka, Ela, Krishnajeerakam, Taalisapatri, See Carminatives.

23. Aromatics
Ajamodaa, Dhaanyakam, Ela, Haridra, Jaatiphala, Jaatipatri, Jataamaamsi, Jeerakam, Kachoram, Karpuram, Lankesam, Lavangam, Musta, Naagakesaram, Patrakam, Taalisapatri, Thwak, Vacha.

24. Ascites
Arka, Bhallaathaka, Dantibeejam, Ikshuraka, Navasaaram, Pippali, See Purgatives and liver tonics.

25. Asmari
Jambeera, Paashaanabhedi, Punarnava, See Diuretics.

26. Asthma
Ajamoda, Arka, Bhallaathaka, Dhatura, Hingu, Kantakaari, Kuraasaani Yamaani, Kushtam. Maricham, Patrasnuhi, Rasona, Sunthi, Surakshaaram, Vamsalochana, Vaasa, Yashtimadhu, See Expectorants.

27. Astringents
Aakaarakarabha, Aamalaki, Asokathwak, Aswattha, Daadima, Harjthaki, Jaatiphala, Kaasisa, Khadira, Khushtam, Laakshaa, Lodhra, Madhu, Raktachandanam, Saalmali, Tankanam, Thwak, Vacha, Vibheethaki.

28. Blood-Purifier
Arka, Aswagandha, Daaruharidra, Gandhakam, Guduchi, Haridra. Karpuram, Kaasisa, Khadira, Kiraata, Laaksha, Loha, Manjishta, Maricham, Nimba, Paarada, Patola, Raktachandanam, Saariba. Taalakam, Taalisapatri, Tuvaraka, Vaakuchi. Vamsalochana. Vaasa.

29. Boils
Chandanam, Churnakalkam, Curd, Eranda Thailam, Haridraa, Karpuram, Lodhra, Pacchakarpuram.

30. Brimhanam
Ghee. Maasha, Sarkara, See Aphrodisiacs.

31. Bronchitis
Ajamoda, Arka, Ringu, Kantakaari, Karpuram, Lankesam, Sunthi, Vaasa, See Expectorants.

32. Burns
Ghrjtam, Madhu, See Antiseptics.

33. Burning Sensation
Ghee, Karpuram, Musta, Parpatakam, Raktachandanam, Rose-water, Saariba, Useeram, Yashtimadbu.

34. Carbuncles
Chandanam, Curd, See Boils.

35. Carminatives
Ajamoda, Bha1faathaka, Chjtramoolam, Devadaaru, Ela, Hingu, Jaatjphala, Jeerakam, Kachoram, Karpura Kshaaradwayam, Krishnajeerakam, Lankesam, Lavangam Madhu, Maricham, Naagakesaram, Nimba, Panchakolam Panchalavanam, Pippali, Raasna, Saindhava Lavanam Sunthi, Taalisapatri, Thwak, Vacbaa, Vidangam.

36. Catarrh
Yashtimadhu, See Antiphlogistics.

37. Cathartic
Dantibeeja, Eranda Thailam, Kumaari, Magnesium sulphate, Rasakarpuram, Trivrit, See Purgatives.

38. Caustics
Bhallaathaka, Chitraka, Harithaki, Rasona, Thuttham.

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39. Cholera
Ajamoda, Ahiphenam, Arka, Kasthuri, Kushtam, Maricham, Musta, Sunthi, Surakshaaram, See Vomiting, Diarrhoea and Demulcents.

40. Colic
Ajamoda, Dhaanyakam, Hingu, Jaatiphala, Kuraasaani, Yamaani, Lavangam, Nirgundi, Sunthi, Vacha, Yavakshaara.

41. Cold
Dhaanyakam, Kasthuri, Lavangam, Maricham, Rasona, Taalisapatri, See Catarrh.

42. Cooling
Aaamalaki, Chandanam, Daadima, Draaksha, Elat Ghritam, Ikshurakat Jeerakam, Kachoram, Karpuram, Kushtam, Lankesam, Naagakesaramt Parpatakam, Saindhava Lavanam, Sunthi (Raw), Tankanamt Useeram, Vamsalochana, Vidaari, Yavakshaara.

43. Contusions
Kushtamt Madhuchishta, See Inflammation and Antiphlogistics.

44. Chathurthaka Jwara
Punarnavat – See Fever

45. Consumption
Aamalakit Ahiphenam, Brihatidwayam, Devadaaru, Draaksha, Guggulu, Guduchi, Kaharoba, Madhu, Mukta, Pippilli, Pravaalam, Rasona, Saariba, Swarnam, Taalisapatri, Trivrit, Thuvaraka, Vamsalochana, Vaasa, Vidaari, See Pleurisy and Expectorants.

46. Constipation
See Laxatives.

47. Cough
Ahiphenam, Bhallaathaka, Dhaanyakam, Hingu, Kantakaari, Kushtam, Maricham, Raasna, Sunthi, Taalisapatri, Vacha, Vamsalochana, Vaasat Yashtimadhu, See Expectorants.

48. Cracked Skin
Eranda thailam, Guggulu, Madhuchista.

49. Cystitis
Chandanam, Durva, Musta, Parpataka, Saariba, Useeram, See Diuretics.

50. Debility
Nimba, Vidaari, See Tonics.

51. Demulcents
Babbula niryaasam, Badami, Daadima, Draaksha, Ghritam, Gokshura, Gousban, Ikshuraka, Isafgaul seeds, Kachoram, Musta, Sabjaa seeds, Saalmali, Saariba, Sarkara, Vidaari, Yashtimadhu.

52. Deodorisers
Agaru, Chandanam, Guggulu, Kachoram, Karpuram, Kasthuri, Maddipal, Sarjarasa.

53. Diabetes
Abhraka, Ahiphenam, Aamalaki, Draaksha, Gold, Gomutra, Silaajit, Guduchi, Harithaki, Haridra, Madhu, Manjishta, Musta, Vidaatri, Thriphala.

54. Diaphoretics
Aaphenam, Arka, Devadaaru, Dhaanyakam, Karpuram, Musta, Saariba, Useeram.

55. Diarrhoea
Aaphenam, Chandanam, Daadima, Harithaki, Jaatiphala, Jeerakam, Kaasisa, Khadira, Saalmali, Saariba, Sunthi, Thwak, Vacha, Vibheethaki.

56. Digestives
Ajamoda, Aamalaki, Bhringaraaja, Chitramoolam, Dhaanyakam, Haridra, Harithaki, Hingu. Jaatiphala, Jeerakam, Kasthuri, Lankesam, Lavangam, Maricham, Naagakesaram, Pippali, Pippalimoolam, Saindhavalavanam, Sunthi, Vishamusti, Yavakshaara.

57. Diseases of the Gum and Tooth
Khadira, See Antiseptics and Astringents.

58. Diseases of the Nails

59. Disinfectant
Nimba, See Antiseptics and Deodorisers.

60. Diuretics
Aardraka, Braahmi, Daaruharidra, Devadaaru, Draaksha, Durva, Ela, Gokshura, Ikshuraka, Jambeera, Kantakaari, Karpuram, Lankesam, Must, Navasaaram, Parpataka, Patrakam, Punarnava, Rasona, Saariba, Sataavari, Surakshaaram, Tankanam, Useeram, Vacha, Yavakshaara.

61. Dog-Bite
Dhatura, Punarnava.

62. Dropsy
Arka, Gokshura, Guggulu, Sunthi, Trivrit, See Diuretics and Liver diseases and Purgatives.

63. Dysentery
Ahiphenam, Arka, Daadima, Eranda thailam, Harithaki, Isafgaul seeds, Jaatiphala, Jeerakam, Kaasisa, Khadira, Kutaja, Laaksha, Lodhra, Menthium, Naagakesaram, Saalmali, Takram, Tankanam, Thwak, Vacha, Vamsalochana, Vibheethaki, See Demulcents and Digestives.

64. Dyspepsia
Ajamoda, Arka, Chitramulam, Guduchi, Hingu, Jaatiphala, Karpuram, Katukarohini, Krishnajeeraam, Maricham, Pancha lavanam, Nirgundi, Sarjakshaara, Sunthi, Vacha, Yavakshaara.

65. Dysuria
Gokshura, See Diuretics and Antispasmodics.

66. Ear Diseases
Hingu, Rasona, See Antiseptics.

67. Eczema
Adutinnapalai (Gadidagadapaaku), Bhunimba, Chandanam, Nimba, Maduchishta, Manjishta, Ghritam, Maricham, Saariba, Sarjarasa.

68. Elephantiasis
Dhatura, Haridraa, Maricham, Paarada (Mercury), Rasona, Taalaka, Taamra, See Antipyretics, Blood-purifiers, Diuretics and Purgatives.

69. Emetics
Arka, Madanaphala, Sarshapa, Saindhava lavanam, Thuttam.

70. Emmenagogues
Arka, Guggulu, Hingu, Krishnajeerakam, Kumaari, Rasona, See Abortifacients.

71. Emollients
Ghritam, Madhuchishta, Thila thailam.

72. Enlargement of the Liver
Arka, Bhoodhatri, Bhringaraaja, Guduchi, Indravaaruni, Katukarohini, Kiraatatikta, Nimba, Paarada (Mercury), Sankhadraavakam, Sunthi, See Carminatives, Digestives and Purgatives.

73. Enlargements of the Spleen
Arka, Saalmali, See Enlargement of the liver.

74. Epilepsy
Bhaarngi, Braahmi, Gomootram, Jataamaamsi, Kushtam, Saariba, Sataavari, Vachaa; See Indigestion and Vaata diseases.

75. Epistaxis
Daadima, See Demulcents and Diuretics and Purgatives.

76. Erysipelas
Daarharidra, See Fevers.

77. Expectorants
Arka, Dhaanyakam, Ela, Elaavaaluka (Musumusukai), Hingu, Kachoram, Kantakaari, Karpuram, Kasthuri, Lavangam, Maricham, Patrakam, Patrasnuhi (Elakalli), Raasna, Rasona, Taalisapatri, Thuttham, Vamsalochana, Vaasa, Yashtimadhu.

78. Eye diseases
Ahiphenam, Dhatura, Eranda thailam, Ghritam, Haridra, Harithaki, Lodhra, Madhu, Madhusnuhi, Pacchakarpuram, Punarnava, Sphatikam, Tankanam, Thuttham, Trivrit, See Antiseptics and Antiphlogistics.

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79. Fever
Aakaarakarabha, Bala, Bhoodhaatri, Bhringaraaja, Daadima, Daaruharidra, Dhaanyakam, Dhatura, Draaksha, Dronapushpi, Guduchi, Guggulu, Hingulam, Jeerakam, Kantakaari, Karpuram, Kasthuri, Katukarohini, Kiraatatikta, Laaksha, Manosila, Maricham, Musta, Nimba, Nirgundi, Paarada (Mercury), Parpataka, Patola, Punarnava, Raktachandanam, Sunthi, Taalaka, Tankanam, Trivrit, Useeram, Vacha, Vamsalochana, Vaasa, Yashtimadhu, Yavakshaara, See Antiphlogistics, Antipyretics, Diaphoretics, Diuretics and Purgatives.

80. Flatulence
Ajamoda, Ela, Maricham, Sunthi, Thwak, Vacha, See Dyspepsia and Indigestion.

81. Fragrants
Chathurjaathaka, Jeeraka Dhaanyakam, Karivepa (Kaala Saaka), Kachoram, Karpuram, Kushtam, Lavangam, Maddipal, See Aromatics.

82. Galactagogues
Ikshuraka, Kaarpasabeejam, Krishnajeerakam, Kumaari, Musta, Pippalimoolam, Rasona, Sataavari, Yava.

83. Germicides
Thwak, See Antiseptics, Disinfectants and Vermicides.

84. Glandular Diseases
Devadaaru, Guggulu, Kanchanaara, Thuttham, See Consumption and Fever.

85. Gleet
Chandanam, Guggulu, Silaajit, Swarnavangam, See Cystitis, Diuretics and Gonorrhoea.

86. Gonorrhoea
Arka, Bala, Chandanam, Dusaratige, Gokshura, Guduchi, Karpuram, Lankesam, Maricham, Nimba, Parpataka, Rumimastaki, Saariba, Useeram, Vamsalochana, See Gleet.

87. Haematinics
Kaasisa, Laksha, See Anaemia.

88. Haemorrhage
Asoka thwak, Aswattha, Chandanam, Daadima, Draaksha, Kaasisa, Khadira, Kutaja, Laaksha, Lodhra, Saalmali, Saataavari, Taalisapatri, Thripala, Trivrit, Vamsalochana, Vaasa, See Anaemia.

89. Hard Breathing
Bhaarngi, Kuraasaani, Yamaani, See Antispasmodics, Asthma and Expectorants.

90. Heart Disease
Arjuna thwak, Arka, Punarnava, Sunthi

91. Headache
Karpuram, Kuraasaani, Yamaani, Kushtam, Lavangam, Maricham, Sunthi, Vidamgam, See Indigestion and Purgatives.

92. Hepatic Derangements
Katukarohini, Kiratatikta, Kumaari, See Enlargement of the Liver and Fever.

93. Hernia
Eranda thailam, Raasna

94. Hiccough
Chandanam, Jeerakam, See Indigestion and Fever.

95. Hook-worm
Ajamoda, See Anthelmintics.

96. Hydrocele
Dhatura, Eranda thailam, Kuberaaksha, Raasna, See Antiphlogistics.

97. Hypnotics
Ahiphenam, Kuraasaani, Yamaani, Madyam, Vijaya. See Anodynes and Narcotics.

98. Hysteria
Ajamoda, Hingu, Jataamaamsi, Kushtam, Rasona, Sunthi, See Epilepsy, Uterine disorders, and Vata diseases.

99. Indigestion
Bhallaathaka, Chitramulam, Daadima, Dhaanyakam, Harithaki, Kuraasaani, Yamaani, Kushtam, Yavakshaara, See Carminatives, and Digestives.

100. Inflammation (Vranapaaka)
Ahiphenam, Bhallaathaka, Dhatura, Draaksha, Erandathailam, Ghritam, Ikshuraka, Karpuram, Kumaari, Kushtam, Navasaaram, Nimba, Patrakam, Punarnava, Rasona, Sunthi, Tankanam, Trivrit, Useeram, Vacha, Vibheethaki, Yashtimadhu, Trivrit, Useeram, Vacha, Vibheethaki, Yashtimadhu, See Anodynes, Antiphlogistics and Antiseptics.

101. Influenza
Kantakaari, Kasthuri, Maricham, See Cough, Fever and Pneumonia.

102. Injury
Navaasaaram, Sarkara, Triphala, Saalmali, See Antiphlogistics and Antiseptics.

103. Insanity
Dhatura, Kushtam, Sunthi, See Epilepsy, Uterine disorders and Vaata diseases.

104. Intestinal Antiseptics
Ajamoda, Hingu, Karpuram, Kurasaani Yamaani, Rasona, See Dyspepsia and Indigestion.

105. Intoxication
Punarnava, See Diuretics, Emetics and Purgatives.

106. Insomnia
Ahiphena, Aswagandha, Draaksha, Kuraasaani Yamaani, See Hypnotics and Indigestion.

107. Irritants
Bhallaathaka, Arka, Chitramoolam, Dantibeejam, Maricham, Rasona.

108. Itch
Eranda thailam, Gandhakam, Karpuram, Kiraatatikta, Saaribaa, See Antiseptics.

109. Jaundice
Aamalaki, Bhoodhaatri, Bhringaraaja, Guduchi, Kaasisa, Katukarohini, Musta, Nimba, Trivrit, See Liver diseases.

110. Kapha Diseases
Kantakaari, Karpuram, Kiraatatikta, Madhu, Pippali, Vaasa, See Expectorants and Tonics.

111. Laxatives
Aarogwadha, Dantibeejam, Draaksha, Eranda thailam, Gandhakam, Harithaki, Indravaaruni, Kantakaari, Katukarohini, Punarnava, Rasakarpura, Thila thailam, Trivrit, Vibheethaki, Yashtimadhu.

112. Liver Diseases
Guduchi, Ikshuraka, Katukarohini, Kiraatatikta, Ksharadwaya, Navasaaram, Nimba, Panchalavanam, Rasakarpura, Sankhadravakam, See Ascites and Dyspepsia.

113. Leprosy
Arka, Devadaaru, Gandhakam, Guduchi, Haridra, Jatiphala, Khadira, Kutaja, Lodhra, Madhusnuhi, Manjishta, Nimba, Punarnava, Saariba, Tuvaraka, Thuttham, Vidangam.

114. Lubricants
Eranda thailam, Madhuchishta, Thila thailam.

115. Lucorrhoea
Chandanam, Karpuram, Naagakesaram, See Gonorrhoea and antiseptics.

116. Lung Diseases
Ahiphenam, Taalisapatri, Vamsalochana, Vaasa, See Asthma, Consumption and Expectorants.

117. Menstrual Disorders
Asoka thwak, Hingu, Kaasisa, Krishnajeerakam, Moosaambaram, Saalmali, Useeram.

118. Mootrakrichram
Draaksha, Vadaari, Yavakshaara, See Diuretics.

119. Mydriatics

120. Narcotics
Ahiphenam, Dhatura, Vijaya.

121. Nasal Catarrh
Arka, Chandana, Dhaanyakam, Krishnajeerakam, Maricham, Tila Tailam.

122. Nausea
Sunthi, Thwak, See Anorexia.

123. Nervous Disorders
Ahiphenam, Arka, Aswagandha, Aatmagupta, Bala, Braahmi, Draaksha, Guggulu, Hingu, Jataamaamsi, Jeerakam, Kasthuri, Kushtam, Manosila, Maasha, Paarada, Pravaala, Raasna, Sunthi, Swarnam, Taalaka, Vacha, Vishamushti.

124. Neuritis
Bala, Karpura, Maricham, See Nervous disorders.

125. Nutritives
Aswagandha, Daadima, Guduchi, Ghritam, Madhu, Sataavari, Thilathailam, Vidaari.

126. Obesity
Kushtam, Madhu, Gomutrasilaajit.

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127. Painful Joints
Dhatura, Nirgundi, See Aamavata, Indigestion and Vata diseases.

128. Parlaysis
See Vata diseases.

129. Piles
Bhallaathaka, Chitramoolam, Daadima, Dhatura, Guduchi, Naagakesaram, Pippali, Trivrit, See Indigestion and Liver diseases.

130. Pitta Diseases
Aamalaki, Aardraka, Bhringaraaja, Bhudhaatri, Chandanam, Daadima, Draaksha, Jambira, Jeerakam, Karpuram, Kiraatatikta, Maadiphala, Musta, Panchatikta, Parpatakam, Pippali, Sarkara, Trivrit, Useeram, Vaasaa.

131. Plague
Ghritam, See Fever.

132. Pleurisy
Rasona, See Pneumonia.

133. Pneumonia
Karpuram, Kasthuri, Rasona, See Expectorants.

134. Poisons
Aswagandha, Dhatura, Manjishta, Navasaaram, Patola, Punarnava.

135. Pradara
Asoka thwak, Chandanam, Kushmaanda Swarasam, Lodhra, Saalmali.

136. Preservatives
Ghritam, Madhu, Saindhavalavanam, Sarkara, Thailam.

137. Purgatives
Aaragwadha, Arka, Daadima, Dantibeejam, Eranda thailam, Indravaaruni, Kumaari, Revalchinni, Rose buds, Rasakarpura, Swarnamukhi, Trivrit, See Cathartics.

138. Rabies-Poison
Dhatura, Punarnava.

139. Refrigerants
Daadima, Draaksha, Jambira, Raktachandanam, Rose, Saariba, Sarkara, Sataavari, Useeram.

140. Remittent Fever
Dronapushpi, Kiraatatikta, Maricham, Nimba, See Fevers.

141. Retention of Urine
Bantipuvvu (Mari-gold flower), Musta, Navasaaram, Useeram, Yavakshaara, Suraksharam, See Diuretics.

142. Rheumatism
Ahiphenam, Arka, Ajamoda, Bala, Bhallaathaka, Devadaaru, Dhatura, Eranda Thailam, Guduchi, Guggulu, Jaatiphala, Kushtam, Madhusnuhi, Nirgundi, Panchakola, Punarnava, Raasna, Sunthi, See Aamavata, Fever and Vata diseases.

143. Ringworm
Gaadidagadapa, Hingulam, Jambira, Kaasamarda, Kiraatatikta, Maricham, Moorkonda (Kuppamani), Rasakarpura.

144. Rubefacients
Bhallaathaka, Chitramulam, Lavangam, Maricham, Rasona, Sunthi.

145. Scorpion-Bite
Arka ksheeram, Gaadidagadapa, Navasaaram, Palaandu, Punarnava, Thuttham.

146. Scrofula
Bhaarngi, Guggulu, Madhusnuhi, Tuvaraka, See Consumption.

147. Sedatives
Ahiphenam, Chandanam, Dhatura, Kuraasani Yamaani.

148. Sexual Debility
Gokshura, Kasturi, Markatibeeja, Vidaaril, See Aphrodisiacs.

149. Sialogogues
Aakaarakarabha, Yashtimadhu.

150. Sinus
Chitramulam, Rasona, Thuttham.

151. Skin Diseases
Arka, Gaadidagadapa, Haridra, Hingulam, Khadira, Kiraata, Madhuchishta, Manosila, Maricham, Nilini, Nimba, Paarada, (Mercury), Raktachandanam, Saariba, Taalaka, Tuvaraka.

152. Small-pox
Nimba, Patola, See Fever.

153. Smoothing
Gousban, Ghritam, Isafgaul, Kushtam, Madhu, Saalmali, Sarkara, Sataavari, Thila thailam, Vamsalochana, Vibheethaki, Yashtimadhu.

154. Sore Throat
Aakaarakarabha, Ela, Haridra, Harithaki, Khadira, Lankesam, Maricham, Raasna, Tankanam, Vibheethaki, Yashti-madhu, See Cough.

155. Sprains
Kushtam, Sunthi, See Antiphlogistics.

156. Sprue
Bilva, Daadima, Eranda Thailam, Orange, Takram, (Butter-Milk).

157. Stimulants
Bhallaathaka, Bhaarngi, Dhaanyakam, Guggulu, Jaatiphala, Karpuram, Kasthuri, Kiraatatikta, Kushtam, Lavangam, Maricham, Nimba, Pippali, Rasona, Sunthi, Thwak, Vacha, Vishamushti, See Tonics.

158. Thirst
Daadima, Dhaanyakam, Draaksha, Musta, Parpatakam, Raktachandanam, Useeram, Yashtimadhu, See Fevers.

159. Thridoshaharam
Aamalaki, Guduchi, Kantakaari, Kasthuri, Triphala.

160. Tissue-Builders
Aamalaki, Aswagandha, Gudoochi Satwam, Vamsalochana, See Tonics.

161. Tonics
Aakaarakarabha, Aamalaki, Arka, Asokathwak, Aswagandha, Aswattha, Bala, Bhallaathaka, Bhaarngi, Bhringaraja, Braahmi, Dhaanyakam, Draaksha, Gandhakam, Ghritam, Guduchi, Guggulu, Haridra, Harithaki, Hingulam, Karpuram, Kasthuri, Kaasisa, Katukarohini, Khadira, Kiraatatikta, Kushtam, Laaksha, Madhu, Madhusnuhi, Manjishta, Nimba, Paarada, Patola, Raktachandanam, Rasona, Saariba, Sarkara, Sataavari, Swarna, Taalaka, Tuvaraka, Vacha, Vamsalochana, Vaasa, Vibheethaki, Vidangam, Vidaari, Vishamusti, Yashtimadhu.

162. Tumour
Bhallaathaka, Chitraka, Trivrit.

163. Tympanites
Ajamoda, See Indigestion and Dyspepsia.

164. Udara
Trivrit, See Dropsy.

165. Ulcers
Chandanam, Chitramoolam, Devadaaru, Ghritam, Haridra, Karpuram, Kaasisa, Khadira, Kiraatatikta, Kushtam, Lodhra, Madhu, Madhuchista, Nimba, Saalmali, Thriphala, Thuttham, Yashtimadhu, See Antiseptics.

166. Urakshata
Kushmaanda, Laaksha, Punarnava, Saalmali, See Consumption and Cough.

167. Uterine Disorders
Asoka thwak, Hingu, Jeerakam, Krishna Jeerakam, Laaksha, Lodhra, Saalmali, See Abortifacients and Menstrual disorders.

168. Urinary Antiseptics
Daaruharidra, Durva, Gokshura, Lankesam, Tankanam, Useera, Vidaari.

169. Vata Diseases
Bala, Guggulu, Hingu, Kantakaari, Karpuram, Kasthuri, Kiraatatikta, Nirgundi, Paarada (Mercury), Pippali, Pippalimoolam, Rasna, Rasona, Vishamusti, Thriphala.

170. Vatakantaka
Punarnava, Yavakshaara, Eranda Taila.

Ayurvedic herbal remedies in Myasthenia gravis Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune neuromuscular disease

Ayurvedic herbal remedies in Myasthenia gravis

Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune neuromuscular disease. Patient will be having varying degrees of weakness of the skeletal (voluntary) muscles of the body. For the majority of individuals with myasthenia gravis, life expectancy is not lessened by the disorder.

The characteristic feature of myasthenia gravis is muscle weakness that increases during periods of activity and improves after rest. Certain muscles such as those that control eye and eyelid movement, facial expression, chewing, talking, and swallowing are often, but not always, involved in the disorder. The muscles that control breathing and neck and limb movements may also be affected.
Myasthenia gravis is caused by a defect in the transmission of nerve impulses to muscles. It occurs when there is interruption in passing of neurochemical impulses between the nerve and muscle, at the neuromuscular junction (place where nerve cells connect with the muscles).

Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disease because the immune system – which normally protects the body from foreign organisms – mistakenly attacks the body itself.

Although myasthenia gravis usually affetcs muscles that control eye and eyelid movement, facial expression, and swallowing are most frequently affected. The onset of the disorder may be sudden. Symptoms often are not immediately recognized as myasthenia gravis.

In most cases, the first noticeable symptom is weakness of the eye muscles. In others, difficulty in swallowing and slurred speech may be seen first. The degree of muscle weakness involved in myasthenia gravis varies from patient to patient, ranging from a single set of muscle involvement to a a group of different muscles involvement – sometimes including those that control breathing – are affected. Symptoms, which vary in type and severity, may include a drooping of one or both eyelids (ptosis), blurred or double vision (diplopia) due to weakness of the muscles that control eye movements, unstable or waddling gait, weakness in arms, hands, fingers, legs, and neck, a change in facial expression, difficulty in swallowing and shortness of breath, and impaired speech (dysarthria).

Myasthenia, in new born babies, may occur due to transfer of immune proteins (antibodies) from a mother affected with myasthenia gravis. Generally, cases of neonatal myasthenia gravis are temporary and the child’s symptoms usually disappear within 2-3 months after birth. Other children develop myasthenia gravis indistinguishable from adults. Myasthenia gravis in juveniles is common.

Myasthenia gravis is not directly inherited nor is it contagious. Rarely, children may show signs of congenital myasthenia. These are not autoimmune disorders, but are caused by defective genes.

Unfortunately, a delay in identifying is quite common. Because weakness is a common symptom of many other disorders, the diagnosis is often missed in people who experience mild weakness.

A special blood test can detect the presence of immune molecules or acetylcholine receptor antibodies. Most patients with myasthenia gravis have abnormally elevated levels of these antibodies. However, antibodies may not be detected in patients with only ocular forms of the disease.

Single fiber electromyography (EMG), helps in identifying lack of transmission of impulses from nerv to the muscle. Computed tomography (CT) may be used to identify an abnormal thymus gland or the presence of a thymoma, which is another cause for myasthenia gravis.

A special examination called pulmonary function testing – which measures breathing strength – helps to predict whether respiration may fail and lead to a myasthenic crisis.

Today, myasthenia gravis can be controlled. There are several therapies available to help reduce and improve muscle weakness. But they should be taken under strict medical supervision due to some major side effects of the drugs.

Thymectomy, the surgical removal of the thymus gland (which often is abnormal in myasthenia gravis patients), reduces symptoms in more than 70 percent of patients.

Ayurvedic herbal remedies: There is no specific research done on this topic, however, Ayurveda offers many immunomodulator agents like Amrutottaram kashayam tablet. It contains Tinospora cordifolia which is a powerful immuno modulator. Rheumatoid arthritis is another auto immune disorder, in which Amrutotaram kashayam tablet has been very effectively used.

In people having generalized muscle weakness along with myasthenia, Ashwagandhadi lehyam, can be given as an adjuvant to mainstream treatment, especially in children. It is sweet and is very easy to take. While Ashwagandha is again another powerful immunomodulator, it is also a good anti oxidant and it improves the strength of the muscles. For local application on head, Bala Ashwagandhadi taila can be used head, forehead and all parts of body half an hour before taking hot water bath, in the morning.

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